"I call shotgun!"

Do you drive?

<The author pauses as those reading answer one of the most obvious questions ever asked>

For most of you, the answer is, "Yes!"

Sure, you've probably been driving for years.  It's old hat and the thrill of driving and the expectations and enthusiasm that we had as we approached age 16 have long faded.  Which brings us to another, seemingly innocuous question: when you have to go somewhere important - you're in a hurry and you want to make sure you get there as quickly as possible.  Who do you want in the driver's seat?  

Your significant other or a friend?

One of your kids?

A stranger like a cab or shuttle driver?

No!  When you need to get somewhere, odds are you want to be in the driver's seat - in control.  You know the best way to get there and are willing to adjust on the fly as things come up that cause you to re-route or rethink where you need to go - perhaps an accident or rush hour traffic gives you pause as you decide on a different back ally or, even, destination.

Does that sound accurate?

Okay...then why, so often do many of us give up that control?  When faced with something new, out of our comfort zone, or even the opportunity to tackle the same task a different way - why do we let someone else drive?  That someone?  Fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of judgment.

Fear of success.

Fear of <insert your favorite fear>

We let fear drive and we sabotage our results, slow ourselves down or, worse yet, we never leave our driveway.

This is the challenge this week.  Fear is a good thing, often a compass that helps show us the way.  But that being said, we can't let it do the driving.  The next time you get into the "car" that is your next project, task, or personal challenge - make sure you get in the driver's seat.  Fear can be a passenger.  Heck, tell fear to ride shotgun.  But whatever you do, no matter how much fear begs you, tries to convince or cajole you, don't give fear the wheel.