Do you love Mondays...

...or dread them.

We know that Monday's aren’t universally lauded in the world.  And I don't want to beat a dead horse, so let's get to it.  You don't have to love Mondays, or even look forward to them - but you can choose to put the "ON" in mONdays.  

What am I saying?

Choose to be ON time.  Don't sleep in, don't hit the snooze. times.  Don't take your time as you get out of bed.  Make a choice to get up, get moving, and get going.  Be on time.

Choose to be ON Point.  Don't continue to tweet and text message about your weekend, or spend time just catching up on what everyone else did.  I'm not saying don't be social - that's important, but I am saying to remember what you need to get done.  Remember why you're there and make a plan.

Choose to be ON purpose.  Why are you doing what you do?  Do you love it?  Do you despise it?  I'm not saying you have to quit your job and chase your bliss, but you can make a choice today to choose your purpose where you are now.  That choice may even lead you to something better.

So, this fine Monday, make a choice to put the "ON" in Monday.  Be ON time, ON point, and ON Purpose.