As you look, so shall you see.


Quite simply, focus is one of the single, most important factors that makes or breaks a project, employee, etc.  Many people tell others that they, “lack focus.”  More often than not, I’ve found that it isn’t that people lack focus it’s that they are focused in the wrong direction.  Most employees genuinely want to succeed, but they put their focus in the wrong things (negative outcomes or punishment, worries, lack of skill, praise, confidence, etc.).  By helping employees to realign their focus and guiding or shepherding them to the correct path we see a marked increase in their productivity and the bottom line (healthy attitudes lead to a healthy bottom line).  This is something I firmly believe and, more importantly, have been successful in achieving with my teams 

My focus is on being true to my ideals on a daily basis in order to best help my team to consistently grow and improve.  I am an ethical, dynamic, solution-centered training professional. With over 10 years coaching and training experience, I have developed and conducted everything from energizing one-on-one coaching sessions to day long, one-hundred plus team-building and learning events. My passion for writing has served me to help author training modules, inspirational tips, and project specific hints in order to give staff the tools for success. My 11 years of theatre/acting experience serves to help me understand and interface with clients, staff, and the public in a more empathetic and experiential fashion.