Push Forward

It's time.  

The big project deadline is looming.  The executives are expecting big things.  Not just "Big" things, but something game changing, life altering, and trend setting.  Yes, all eyes are on you while you stand before the Everest that is your goal.  You sigh in the shadow it casts over you and prepare to climb.

Or, perhaps just type, write, dictate or draw your first ideas. Only there's one problem.

There is no idea.

You sit there, at your desk - a blank Word document before you with as many endless possibilities as are there as blinks of your cursor, seemingly challenging you to type something.  Or just give up.

Do you reach for the keyboard, your weapon in this fight against mediocrity, or do you choose the easy path.  Perhaps another cup of coffee or a quick run to Starbucks for something saliva inducing and wallet emptying.

What do you do?

You ever feel stuck?  Sure you do! And if you don't, well the rest of us are jealous - what's your secret?

At any rate, for the other 7.1 billion of us, what do you do? Do you reach for comfort or distraction?  Do you press on?  What's the secret?

Sometimes you just have to put a dent in your armor of your next project (to add yet another metaphor to this blog post, sorry). Here's a confession.  I wasn't sure what to write today.  As I sit here, I was tempted to give up. To walk away and admit defeat for the night.  I even had justifications: I worked hard today, rocked training, haven't slept well, could use the time to meditate, and the list goes on and on.  I made a different choice.  I pushed through it and just started writing.  And here we are, 1642 characters later and 307 words (not including the last one...and these).   

So what's the lesson?  We all hit a wall some days. And on those days we are tempted to phone it in; to let average be our day (or even less than that).  The challenge is to persevere and push forward.  If you do, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.