Who's Your Donna?

Do you watch Suits?

If not, go check it out on Amazon Prime.  I'll wait for you to come back.

Okay?  Wasn't that fantastic?  I know, right?  Seriously, though - I love Suits.  I think it has some fantastic lessons to teach us about business, life and relationships. It's that good.  In case you didn't take the brief pause above to watch every episode, here is what you need to know for this brief blog post:  There is a character named Donna who is the secretary of one of the main characters.  What's fascinating about her beyond that she knows everything about everyone, is that she is never afraid to call her boss on his "stuff."  That "stuff" being when he makes a mistake, pulls a bonehead move, is being stubborn, or acting inappropriate.  Each and every time she sees him doing any of the above, she steps up and doesn't hesitate to call him out on them.  The good part of this?  He doesn't get upset...well...sometimes he gets upset, but he gets over it.  The better part?  He values that feedback and uses it to improve.  

So, why is this important?  

These days you hear a lot about having a mentor - someone that will guide you, test you, and answer those big life and work questions for you which often stump us as we are growing.  And, make no mistake, this is absolutely important.  What we often forget to speak about, however, is that we also need someone that will be brutally honest with us; that isn't afraid to "tell it like it is" even if whatever "like it is" is turns out to be something that might offend, challenge, or cause us to question ourselves and our motives.  That "someone" is our "Donna." The beautiful part is that "Donna" can be anyone - your boss, your co-worker or your best friend - even your spouse.  We all need someone who will just be honest with us with the intent to help us improve and grow.  We all need a Donna in our lives.  Who's yours?