"No" or "Know" Solution?


Recently I was looking for the creamer in our stock room at my office.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  And, as someone who loves coffee, I really, really wanted the special, subtle flavoring that adds to the perfection that is a cup of coffee early in the morning.  However, that perfection was eluding me this particular AM. Downtrodden and seriously lacking in my morning jump-start of caffeine, I made my way back to my office.  In my lactose-deficient dismay, I shared the sadness I felt at missing my morning cup of Joe.  My co-worker who orders supplies insisted that there was, in fact, a brand new container of creamer just waiting to be poured into a piping hot cup of Arabica goodness.  Though I had my doubts, I made my way back to the supply room and after only a moment, I found what I was looking for. It was like the sun had risen and the day was full of new hope and possibility.   

After taking my first sip, I got to thinking: why was it easier to find the creamer once I knew it was there? In fact, isn't that the way challenges often play out? When we know there is a solution, we often find it faster because simply "knowing" there is an answer gives us the confidence to find the answer and persevere until we do.  What if we applied that to every area of our life?  So here's today's challenge: When you are given a problem to solve or when life throws you a curve ball, instead of stressing about how you'll solve the riddle before you, make a choice: Be positive that there is solution - in your mind and heart BELIEVE that it is before you.  This simple hack, may just help you to relax enough so that you can then enjoy finding the answer that, inevitably, is in front of you. Now...where did I leave my coffee?