Cadbury Time

Twice a year something magical happens.  Something ethereal in its beauty and exquisite in its taste is unleashed upon the world.  It is at the same time pure and innocent, but also tempting and seductive. To what delight do I now reference that dances upon our taste-buds and haunts our dreams as it stubbornly sticks to its bi-annual release of culinary perfection?

Cadbury Eggs

For those that know me, they know that I take my Cadbury Eggs very seriously. And while it's probably beneficial to the old waistline that their utter-scrumptiousness is relegated to Halloween and Easter, the idea of this "Cadbury Time" got me thinking.  How often in life do we refrain from sharing our gifts, our passions, and our skills by days on a calendar?  Why does Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day have to be days set aside for romance?  Why do we only choose to celebrate our marriages on one day of the year?  Why do we only do our best work when something is on the line or a deadline is fast approaching (or if we know our boss is watching)? Why do we only celebrate our employees during a monthly meeting or a scheduled annual review time?  Why do we only wear our finest suit or our favorite dress on holidays and special occasions?


Why do we often imprison our best to these special "Cadbury Times" when either someone else dictates that they should be celebrated or when we drop the ball, only to pick it up in a time of extreme stress?

My challenge for each of us this week, is to pick something we only do during "Cadbury Time" and instead of waiting, just do it!  Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • If you only write a family member on a holiday, anniversary, or birthday - pick up a pen ( people still use those?) and write a hand-written letter.  You'll blow their mind, I promise!
  • If you usually thank an employee once a month or only during their annual review, surprise them with lunch this week or let them leave a few hours early on Friday.  They'll be grateful.
  • If you usually wait until the last minute to do your best work...get started now! Give yourself a deadline of "This Friday" to complete a project (or nail the first few sub-goals).  You'll impress your boss and you'll prove to yourself that you can do anything!
  • If you have a favorite outfit, wear it this week.  Not because someone tells you to, but because you want to.  I guarantee you'll feel more powerful and confident than if you hadn't.

We may not be able to eat Cadbury Eggs any time we want, but we can make a choice to eliminate "Cadbury Time" from our lives.  And, in many ways, the world and our lives would be so much better...even if, without Cadbury Eggs, they didn't taste quite as delicious.