Tap Back In

Are you a wrestling fan?

If so, you're familiar with the concept of tapping out.  Wrestlers, when they feel stuck, in pain, or like they just can't take any more will sometimes tap out.  They could be in a submission hold they can't seem to break, or maybe a specific maneuver is cutting off blood flow to the brain and, as they feel the light quickly going dark, they tap the mat, effectively "crying uncle" and giving the win to the opponent.

You probably see where this is going.

How often, in life, do we tap out?

A relationship is too difficult.  <Tap out>

Our project we are working on at work has us stressed or a co-worker or manager has us on the ropes?  <Tap out>

We want to lose weight, but that cheesecake looks oh so good? <Tap out>

Some of us are so good at it, we should consider changing our professional title or even our last name to "Tap Out."  "It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm John Q. Tap-out.  If you're looking for someone that will give up when the going gets tough, well, I'm your man!"

You're challenge this week is to make a different choice - to make the bolder choice that others don't make: Tap back in.  

If you've been floundering in your relationship?  <Tap back in>

If you've lost focus at work or let yourself get distracted by a bad boss or a petty coworker? <Tap back in>

If you've been meaning to lose weight?  <Tap back in>

In effect, instead of taking the easy or the safe road, let's step up and tap back into life!

PS: This idea of tapping back in has been on my mind for a while lately, since before I started this blog, actually.  It's inspiring to me and I think it could work as a way to focus what I write in a fun way.  So, to that end, look for some changes to this blog in the coming weeks and months.  In fact, if you were to type in "www.tapbackin.com" into your address bar, you'll find it takes you right back here.